Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh sundays

Here at the Muncy house hold Sunday always start with a spiritual boost. Since we are Jehovah's witnesses we find ourselves at the kingdom hall for one of our three weekly meetings.Today it's the Public talk and watchtower study. while were at the hall we feast on a spiritual banquet provided by our loving God Jehovah ,of course this prepares our family for a week of spiritual trials that may come from our jobs ,school or just everyday pressures.So we are grateful for our meetings because they help keep our bond of love in our family strong and keep our relationship Jehovah good.Sundays are also day where the family spends time together. we may take Makayla and Carter to the park ,take in a movie or go to a museum. this Sunday though Makayla is with grandma and grandpa ,so I think it's going to be a quiet Sunday in the Muncy house hold.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Meet the Muncys

since this is my first blog I will take this opportunity to introduce you to my family. There are four of us here. There is my wife Katie A.k.a mommy, Makayla our daughter at the ripe young age of four. There is also Carter, he's 18 months. Trust me don't turn your back on him. And then there is myself. You can call me Jim or you can call me boss like my family does(yeah right). My beautiful wife works at Starbucks and I'm pretty sure this helps keep her addicted to coffee. She is a great mom and a great wife and she has the strength to put up with me. makayla is your typical little girl. She likes to play dress up, put make-up on and play with her dolls. she really loves dinosaurs and I think that her and sponge bob are dating behind my back. Carter is a boy, he loves anything with wheels and any thing that is round(a ball). He has a good arm for being so young and because of this we all have learned to dodge very quickly. I myself am the Dad. I like to spend time with my family and let my kids experience new things. I love my wife and my kids. And when I'm not being a Father I do plumbing. So this is my family there will be more to come and with each posting you will learn more about us. Till next time see ya.